Кристофер Рид (kris_reid) wrote,
Кристофер Рид


Все, что вам нужно знать об истории британского стрелкового оружия за последние полтора века давно сказано самими британцами.

"In the early 1880s Britain was about to adopt a .4 inch black powder cartridge for the single shot Martini-Henry Mark IV rifle. At that time it was considered that the smallest calibre lead bullet that could be utilised with a black powder charge was about .38 - .40 inch and in 1882 limited troop trials were held with the new rifle and .4 inch cartridge. Adoption would have been an extremely retrograde step, considering that in 1886 France was to adopt the 8x50R Lebel round using the world’s first smokeless propellant with Germany following shortly afterwards with the 7.92x57mm Gewehr Model 1888.

In 1883 there was a rare outbreak of common sense and trials were halted whilst a number of magazine rifles were considered. "
Tags: история, стрелковка

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