Кристофер Рид (kris_reid) wrote,
Кристофер Рид

Главное - кто как считал.

"Firing was maintained for one and one-half minutes for all six guns, with these results: one Benet gun fired 348 rounds with one jam: another fired 364 rounds with two Jams. One Lewis gun fired 117 rounds with four Jams; a second fired 87 shots with two Jams; a third fired 44 rounds with five jams; and a fourth fired 9 rounds with one Jam, which put this gun out of action.
This is but a fair example of the general results obtained by this company in the operation of the two types of gun.
The company has obtained as many as 546 rounds from one Benet gun in continuous firing without a Jam. With the Lewis gun the best that they have obtained is the 117 rounds with two Jams in one and one-half minutes, cited above."

В общем, "какой хороший пулемет выбрал наш славный генерал Крозье и какая кака этиваши "льюисы"!
Tags: история, стрелковка

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