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К вопросу о мифологии Шмайссера.
Читаю американский отчет
Developmental and Experimental Ordnance .. . Volume 17

Департамент Вооружений - официальней некуда
Много вкусных подробностей с тестами ихних пистолетов-пулеметов по затрудненке, но режет глаз вовсе не это.

The Blitzkrieg of 1940 introduced a new weapon. German paratroopers and motorcycle units carried a
new, short Schmeisser weighing 8.25 pounds and equipped with a skeleton stock which when folded reduced the overall length of the arm to 24.5 inches. It was fully automatic in action and fired a 9 mm cartridge from a 32-round magazine.
The high efficiency and serviceability of the Schmeisser as demonstrated under combat conditions greatly stimulated interest in weapons of that type.
SCHMEISSER, M.P.40—This weapon is the standard “machine pistol” of the Reichswehr infantry, parachute troops, and other shock units. It is carried by motorcyclists and as an auxiliary arm in tanks and for the crews of armored vehicles. The designation M.P.40 — “Maschinenpistole 40”—indicates the year, 1940, in which the present model was adopted.
The Schmeisser is a straight blowback weapon weighing 8.87 pounds with empty magazine and firing the standard 9 mm Parabellum cartridge from a 32-round box magazine inserted from below. Its overall length with stock extended is 35 inches, reduced to 24.5 inches by folding the stock. There is no provision for semi-automatic fire and the cyclic rate, full-automatic, as timed at Aberdeen Proving Ground, is 518 rounds per minute.
For purposes of comparison with our own and other weapons, the Schmeisser was given the standard submachine gun test at Aberdeen Proving Ground between 30 December 1942 and 14 January 1943. U. S. commercial (Winchester) cartridges were used and a total of 5,723 rounds was fired.
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