Кристофер Рид (kris_reid) wrote,
Кристофер Рид

Гуманные быстрые пули и лучше ранить, чем убить.

" Experiments on animals demonstrated that the wound caused by Hebler bullet was much less serious than that from others. The Hebler bullet makes a clean hole, while others make ragged and splintered holes, so that even if vital parts are not struck the wound made remains seri ous for years. In one case a man shot by Hebler bullet in upper left arm entirely recovered in three months, though he was hors de combat for two months. It is more advantageous to wound than to kill. Adead man requires burial only ; a wounded man needs the assistance of two others, is an additional expense to the state, and can render no service for a long time."
(с)Lieut. W. H. Beehler, U. S. N., 1897
Американцы, к слову, в то время рассматривали пули Хеблера в качестве конЬдидатов, но познакомившись с ними поближе сочли "опасными и непригодными для военной службы".
Tags: история, стрелковка

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