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...что если насчет опытов Томпсона-ЛаГарда, итогом которых стало появление .45ACP, народ более-менее в курсе, то британские тесты 1900-х и тамошнее обсуждение практически не упоминаются в конЬтексте.
А между тем
""...the Borchardt bullet is less in diameter than that of the present Lee-Enfield rifle, which is known to be defective in stopping power." and "I am strongly of opinion that a wound from a bullet of a Borchardt pistol....would have little or no effect in stopping a man who was determined to come on..." and "The only wound of a non-vital part which may be depended on to immediately stop a man determined to come on at all risks, a Ghazi or other Eastern fanatic for instance, is one which fractures the bones of the leg or thigh... Since the old days of the round bullet, the energy put into small arms projectiles has steadily been increased, while their diameter has been lessened; and with the latter condition their stopping power has steadily diminished."(с)почтенные британские ученые.
Tags: доки, история, стрелковка

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