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Мрачно охреневаем
"All in all, I spent about five years on caseless ammunition, Chiclets, all this hopeless crap. When you first get involved in it, you think well, the advantages are so great that it's worth the effort. But when you get into what the problems really are, eventually you see it's hopeless, and then you try to tell everybody that, and they get mad because they don't want to give up their work or contract. With the technology that was available, and we're in the same position right now, caseless became evident to me and the other guys that it wasn't going to be able to be feasible. Really, you have to redesign what the goal is. If you say you want lightweight ammo, well, now you can work with that goal. If you say right off that the lightweight ammo has to be caseless, then you're screwed. The guns were kind of fun, but man, they all ended up the same way. The breech seal would fail and blow up the whole magazine. We had some real wreckage down there! "(с)Jim Sullivan

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Испанцы и эстонцы с ней не пытались воевать в Афганистане.

И что же тогда в Афганистане делали 1,5 тысячи испанских военных?

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Находились :)

А немцам пришлось повоевать.

А, ну да.
"Да там курорт, а не война..."

погуглил - все источники пишут о том, что количество испанцев в Афганистане измерялось десятками человек. Там тупо не было такого количества солдат как у немцев, чтобы так воевать, что автоматы плавятся.


Spain will increase the number of troops in Mali from 136 to closer to 300 in the New Year, while the number in Afghanistan will rise from 20 to 80, the report said.

KABUL (Pajhwok): Spanish has ended its 14-year-long military mission in Afghanistan, leaving behind 25 soldiers in the war-devastated country, a media report said.


Of the 35 Spanish deaths, 17 died in August 2005 when the Eurocopter Cougar helicopter they were travelling in crashed, 13 were killed in separate attacks by insurgents, two died from natural causes, and two died in vehicle accidents. Another 62 died in a 2003 Yak-42 plane crash in Turkey on their way back to Spain from Afghanistan.[148]

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