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Кто защищает честь российского оружия :)

"According to the latest book by Bruce K. and Mike S., the K98k book, volume 2, the German military tested the PEM scopes and determined they would not hold zero for more than 3 shots. The report went on to say the scopes were not purpose built sniper scopes and were for heavy guns/equipment and were not suited for sniper use.

I suspect this is German super race propaganda or similar from their military since it is contrary to what I have learned here for the last 15 years. I also find it inconsistent with what I have found in my use of the PEM having gotten sub-half MOA five shot groups, not 3, from these scopes on a worn 42 Izhevks PEM re-sniper and MOAish from several PEM rifles. Additionally, I have read the reports from Soviet units using the PEMs in WW2 and satisfaction was very favorable, no mention of 3 shot reliability and then crap.

I believe the German sample was too small and too self serving but I do not know.? My experience and those reported are not what they claim. Plus, I have never heard these scopes were never designed for sniper use. What a crock IMO.

I hope some real knowing like Ratnik and others have done in their research will hopefully weigh in.

I do not think this is an author error but a bias from the wartime Nazi suppliers. Anyone with experience with these scopes would have a hard time believing this propoganga IMO. Other informed opinions and documentation are welcome.

Thanks for any and all who contribute.

I will add, I have shot many WW2 sniper rifles. The best I have shot have been PU and PEM accuracy wise. I have fired original HTs, LTs, PEMs PEs, PUs, 03A4s, 03A1s, Brit. TRs, Japanese 97 Nagoya, Kokura, Japanese 99 Kokura(at least 6 of about 60 known), Nagoya 99s CB, 4X and adjustable, etc.. I know a little and I do not believe this period. The German rifles were inferior to several others tested in my testing with the best ammo, not to mention no windage on the scope.
(с)с одного из буржуйских форумов.
Примечательно, что все это пишет американец Майк Радфорд, ну а многочисленные отечественные ура-патриоты... сильно сомневаюсь, что хоть кто-то из них упомянутую книжку прочитал.
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