Кристофер Рид (kris_reid) wrote,
Кристофер Рид

Какая прелесть(с)!!!

" In 1958, Cummings sold 100 ArmaLite AR-10 rifles to Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, but in 1959 the entire shipment of AR-10 rifles was captured intact on the Havana docks by the victorious rebel forces of Fidel Castro. Cummings wrote Castro and asked him if he would pay for the rifles or return them, and was invited to visit Cuba in return. Reportedly impressed with the firepower of the AR-10, Castro paid for the rifles and asked for more, but the American arms embargo to Cuba prohibited further sales"

Уже тогда гнусное американское правительство мешало своими глупыми санкциями свободному оружейному предпринимательству.
Tags: всяко-разно, стрелковка

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