Кристофер Рид (kris_reid) wrote,
Кристофер Рид

Но ты же капиталист!

"There is one maj or dramatic example of this happening during Korean operations. George Company, of the 38th Regiment, in the course of the November battle along the Chongchon, got sufficient warning of a Chinese force of approximately company strength approaching from its rear in the early morning. Its weapons were turned about, and from its position on the hilltop the Company got set to execute an ambush, permitting
the enemy to come within 35-40 yards. The Company center, on which the Chinese were converging, was based upon a machihe gun, supported on either side by a BAR.
The lieutenant commanding stood close by the machine gun, which was supposed to open the action on his signal. When he yelled: "Fire!" the gun stuck, and the gunner yelled, "My gun's jammed." In turn, the lieutenant ordered each of the BAR men to fire, and both, on pulling the trigger, got no response and cried out about their difficulty.
The lieutenant then pulled on his carbine: the weapon wouldn't fire. As he put it, "I knew at that moment the Company was morally whipped on that ground."
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