October 2nd, 2020



И еще немного о разных калибрах.

История про человека, которого не смогли застрелить из .357 особо понравилась.

"Your observations are yours and I’m not saying you didn’t see what you saw. Here is my experience. I’ve worked in Law Enforcement since 1974 and am still active duty. I’ve been a firearms instructor since 1989.

I was a patrol sergeant, on duty, at 0200 hrs of July 4, 1992. I was shot in the chest under my right nipple. Accorde to my surgeon, Dr. Joel Hendrix, the bullet traveled an oblique angle and stopped in the top of my liver, an inch from my spine. It entered my lung cavity and passed between two lobes of the lung, doing no damage to the lungs. It passed through the diaphragm and came to rest in the top of the liver near my spine. The Doctor told me, after the surgery, that the bullet did Little damage and there wasn’t much internal bleeding. The bullet had entered between my ribs..

Dr. Hendrix told me that had he known for certain how little damage the bullet had done he could have put two stitches in the bullet hole, put a Bandaid on it and sent me home. He said his surgery did more damage to me than the bullet. The bullet is still in my liver because the Doc could feel it but observed so little bleeding from the wound path in the liver that he decided to leave it in—the liver is a Ph neutral organ and the scar tissue has insulated it so that no lead leaches out. Blood tests over the years have confirmed this.

I was shot by one of my officers. He was armed with a 5” barreled Colt 1911 Government model in .45 ACP. His ammunition was Federal Hydra-Shok, 230 grain. My officer missed the bad guy and hit me. I, was using the same ammo, the same lot number and all. My shot hit the bad guy in the chest, passing through his 5th rib, destroying the right atrium of his heart, and exited his body through the 8th rib in back. He was armed with a Savage 12 gauge pump. He died at the scene.
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