February 6th, 2020


Хихикс. "Их нравы"

And this is the most important. It is used by the British military who have probably the most prodigious of talents for whinging and moaning about kit of any forces in the world. They see what other nations have and think ‘ah, that must be a Gucci bit of kit compared to ours’. You could give them a Rolls-Royce and most of them would find something to complain about. I did 9 years and I was one of them.
As a result, it has a reputation which doesn't do it justice. Soldiers from other nations hear the bleating and think ‘oh, well their weapon must be poor then’, without understanding that they are just whinging for the sake of it."



Самое главное достижение, имхо, что удалось показать пистолет Прилуцкого, но и ППТ-31 в нормальном качестве тоже хорошо.