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"Essentially, the concept of the LSW was fine but the delivery of that concept was shite to non-existent."
(с)англичане о своем "особом пути" в отношении пулемета на уровне отделения.

"The sovs, had a perfectly adequate lmg, in fact it was used worldwide by Soviet and Chinese clients but I suspect the powerful aura surrounding the AK story had more pull with the generals than the lmg originally issued to supplement the SKS rifle!.
A pity really as it was a better weapon but soviet doctrine was armoured troops as was ours with the L85 and 86 series!"
(с)они же

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рпк не пулемет! точно вам гоаорю! в энторнетах же рассказывали...

поскольку "supplement SKS rifle", это РПД:)

Мне тоже показалось, что именно он имелся в виду.

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